What Does Bump Mean on Facebook? And How to Use It in 2023

On Facebook, the term “bump” refers to the act of bringing a post or comment back to the top of a conversation or group. This can be useful if you want to bring attention to a particular post or comment, or if you want to make sure that it is seen by as many people as possible.

To bump a post or comment on Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your device.
  2. Go to the post or comment that you want to bump.
  3. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the post or comment.
  4. Tap on “Bump” in the menu that appears.
  5. The post or comment will be bumped to the top of the conversation or group.

Please note that you can only bump posts or comments that you have made. You cannot bump posts or comments made by other people.

Additionally, keep in mind that bumping a post or comment may not necessarily bring it to the top of the conversation or group for all users. The order in which posts and comments are displayed can be affected by various factors, such as the user’s privacy settings and their activity on the platform.
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