What Does Other Viewers Mean on Facebook Story?

On Facebook, a “story” is a temporary post that appears at the top of a user’s profile or the news feed for 24 hours. When you post a story on Facebook, you have the option to see who has viewed your story.

“Other viewers” refers to the people who have viewed your story but are not your Facebook friends. This could include people who are friends of your friends, people who follow you (if you have a public profile), or people who have been recommended your profile by Facebook.

To see who has viewed your Facebook story, tap on your story and swipe up on the screen. This will bring up a list of the people who have viewed your story, including “Other viewers.”

Please note that Facebook does not reveal the specific identities of “Other viewers.” It only shows you the number of “Other viewers” who have viewed your story.

Additionally, keep in mind that the list of viewers shown for a Facebook story is not necessarily comprehensive. Facebook may not show all viewers for privacy reasons, or it may not be able to track certain views due to technical issues.
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